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11 Pickleball Tips to Help You Play Like a Pro

Compared to tennis, badminton and table tennis, pickleball is a fairly new sport. It was created on the small island of Brainbridge not far away from Seattle, Washington in 1965 by Joel Pritchard, William Bell and Barney McCallum. Pickleball looks like a combination of table tennis and tennis. The paddles resemble the ones used to play table tennis. The pickleball court and net resembles the ones used in the sports of badminton and tennis.

Being great at pickleball requires dedication and consistent drilling. Here are 11 pickleball tips that you should keep in mind to get better and stay that way.

Practice Makes Perfect

The top players constantly drill to stay on top of their game. If anyone wishes to be good at any sport, it would help to practice. Pickleball requires the same dedication in order to improve. Never take for granted that you don’t need to practice because you are that good, especially if you are playing less skilled players.

Serving In the Middle

There are a few spots that you can serve in the game of pickleball. These three spots are hitting in the middle, cross court and front of you. The net is 2 inches lower in the middle, so it would be best to try and serve near this spot. If you serve near the white line dividing the court, you could confuse the opponents regarding who should go after the ball.

Try Staying In the Middle

If you are playing with a partner, make sure to stay in the middle of your court. Never attempt to out-stage your partner by taking away any shots court hogging. This kills team effort.

Learn To Spin the Ball

Advance players know more about techniques than novice players. One huge difference is the ability to understand the ball. Learning how to topspin the ball will make its volleys change direction and stay low in the air after a bounce. This can perplex the other player into making mistakes.

Know Where Ball Is Going

You always have to be on guard where the ball is going to be hit. If another player attempts to make you miss directing a shot at the sidelines, you must be prepared to hit it. Some of the better players know when to anticipate when the ball is going out. When you are able to do this, you are able to get out of the way. Many points are awarded to the other player freely due to ducking or stepping aside to watch the ball go out of bounds.

Don’t Slam Ball Too Much

As a player progresses in the game of pickleball, slamming the ball might be a preferred option because it works very well in the game of soccer. However, that is not always the case with pickleball. Hoping to overpower an opponent may result in soft dinks or well-placed volleys much of the time if you are going against a well-trained player.

Use Patience and Dinking

Dinking requires a player to be patient. By doing this method, you can look for a better shot by trying to outmaneuver your opponent into making a mistake.

Hit Away From Sidelines

Some players will try to use sidelines to trick others into misjudging where the ball will land. This maneuver works if the opponent thinks that the ball will be called out, however it hit or hit near the sideline before bouncing out. Avoid hitting the ball near the sidelines because there is a good chance it may not work.

Learn To Dink Well

The dink is a shot that clears the net. It is a good shot which prevents the opponent from aggressively pursuing the ball it touches the ground. Sometimes this soft shot can be placed just well enough above the net if the opponent is too far away from the ball.

Think Tennis When Playing Pickleball

You should think tennis when playing pickleball because tennis strokes made from the racket are just the same as pickleball strokes made from the paddle. The major differences are the tennis serves, the way the ball feels on the paddle, your paddle-hand placement and the point of contact of the ball on your paddle.

Don’t Yell Anything Out

The last of the 11 pickleball tips is never yell anything out. If you are playing with a partner, yelling anything out may give your opponents clues and kill the element of surprise.


Remember when playing pickleball, there is no wrong or right way to do it. If you are playing without a partner, do things that will help you. If with a partner, do things that will benefit you both. Advanced players have their own ways of playing pickleball and are successful much of the time. Novice players would benefit from watching advanced players, but use caution. As a new player, you don’t want to copy any terrible habits made from veteran players

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